Blue Moon beers complete your Steven Slater Halloween costume

Don't be surprised if you see a lot of male flight attendants on Halloween.

Costumes making fun of Steve Slater, the JetBlue steward who cussed out passengers before grabbing a couple of beers and sliding down the emergency exit chute, could be very popular this year.

Hell, there's even a website for them: www.stevenslatercostume.com.

And although Slater pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief today and was sentenced to a year of mental-health counseling, the Gawker.com website says the flight-attendant costume is one of ten to avoid because the events took place too long ago.

We disagree. An important element of the costume is the two beers that Slater bailed out with -- which were later discovered to have been bottles of Blue Moon, a beer that was created and first brewed at the Sandlot inside Coors Field.

What other costume gives you permission to carry around a couple of cold Colorado beers all night?

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