Body parts, animal parts and prophylactics: top five horrific things found in food

For anyone who's keeping track, a North Carolina teen is the latest victim to fall prey to finding an unappetizing object in his food. In this case, it seems the kid found an entire box cutter -- intact -- in his bag of Barcelona-brand peanuts. Quick, call Homeland Security!

Herewith, five more core-shaking "What the hell is that in my food?" finds:

5. The dead animal. It's one thing to find a body part, quite another to find an entire creature. This little guy was found in an Au Bon Pain salad in Minneapolis last year by a woman who appears to have subsequently had the strong stomach to take an artfully arranged photo. 4. The rubber. Horny for Happy Meals? A young Swiss girl was possibly scarred (and scared?) for life after allegedly finding a condom in her Happy Meal fries. No word on whether it was small, medium, large or super-size. 3. The larvae. No, dude. That wasn't no caviar in your taco. A Texas man almost died in 2007 after eating street food contaminated with tapeworm eggs. How'd the eggs get there? Spread by a food handler with tapeworm, of course! 2. The bandage. Band-Aids: They're not just for the pool anymore. Last year, an Idaho mom alleged that she bit into a used bandage three chomps into a cinnamon roll. Who wants to start a movement allowing only fluorescent colored Band-Aids? 1. The breaded head. The most disturbing thing about this, is that it's not unlike a regular McNugget.
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Jessica Chapman
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