Bon Appetit calls ChoLon one of the best places in the country for "new Asian fusion"

Andrew Knowlton, the Bon Appetit food scribe, who, in the fall of last year, named Boulder the "foodiest town" in the United States, is now throwing around the culinary "F" word -- fusion -- in a story that trumpets the top six restaurants in the country to "Taste the New Asian Fusion."

"This time around, it's less about gimmickry and more about cleverly combining traditional Japanese, Korean, and Chinese flavors with local ingredients," writes Knowlton. This generation of chefs, he adds, "would never describe what they're doing as Asian fusion (it's a dirty word these days), but rather American cooking--a melting pot of culinary traditions, a fusion of global flavors."

Of the half-dozen restaurants that Knowlton insists are pioneering the new Asian fusion revolution, one is right here in Denver: ChoLon, Lon Symensma's temple of gastronomy that, says Symensma, represents "modern interpretations of traditional dishes" discovered during his exploration of Asia.

Knowlton, who also includes Good Girl Dinette (Los Angeles), Sakaya (Miami), Ruxbin (Chicago), East by Northeast (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and Sampan (Philadelphia) in his shout-outs, writes this about ChoLon, justifiably extolling Symensma's unassailable soup dumplings:

Named after the largest Chinese market in Saigon, this LoDo district spot, with talented chef Lon Symensma at the helm, features creative riffs on Asian classics. What to order: soup dumplings with sweet onion and Gruyère.

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