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Bon Appétit Culinary and Wine Focus begins

Today is the first full day of the gold-laced foodie function that is the Bon Appétit Culinary and Wine Focus. Hosted again by Beaver Creek, the event draws throngs of celebrities, chefs and celebrity chefs. Although you missed last night's 'Wine Dinner benefiting The Bright Future Foundation," there are still loads of gustatory lessons to learn. A few of the people scheduled to appear:Bon Appétit executive chef and Iron Chef Cat Cora, New York restaurantress (made that word up) Donatella Arpaia and pastry God Jacques Torres. 

Individual events range from $35 to $200 (but you can buy a comprehensive ticket for $430), and are held at various locations around the ski town. If you can get to your helicopter fast enough, today will feature (among other things) a tutorial from master sushi chef Hidekazu Tojo of Tojo's in Vancouver AND a performance by Mary Wilson of the Supremes! 

Don't tell anyone, but I heard that Cat Cora will be going shot for shot of ouzo (her signature Greek-based liquor of choice) with Las Vegas celebrity chef Kerry Simon and then they may, or may not, make out. That's just what I heard. 

Catch this, and more, before the focus ends Saturday night with a grand tasting at their local Ritz-Carlton.

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Tyler Nemkov
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