Breadhead alert: Buffalo Doughboy Bakery relocating to much larger quarters on South Broadway

Those of you who live in Platte Park or Washington Park can spend your weekend thanking the god of breadheads: Buffalo Doughboy Bakery, one of the most amazing bakeries in Denver, is shuttering it current location at 33 East Dakota Avenue after service on Sunday and relocating to the former Spicy Pickle address at 1298 South Broadway, where it will reopen on Tuesday.

"We're closing on Sunday at 3 p.m. and then the magical baking fairies are going to move everything for us so I can sit down and relax," quips Jessica Handler, the sous chef at Buffalo Doughboy, which, for the past several years, has squatted in a breadbox-size space on the main floor of a sherbet-purple Victorian in the Baker neighborhood.

"We've outgrown where we are now, we're really busy and we've completely run out of space," says Handler, adding that the move, at least in part, is the fault of Westword, which awarded a Best of Denver award to the bakery in 2011, naming it, not surprisingly, Denver's Best Bakery. "As soon as we got that award, word was out, and we've been incredibly busy ever since. A larger location to accommodate our customers is definitely the main motivation for the move," notes Chandler.

And the forthcoming space, which is three times the size of the current one, says Chandler, will ease the complaints of pastry groupies who have been pleading for more seats to plant their tushes. "Over the last few months, especially, we've had so many people say that they'd come here more often if only there was more seating, and now we're going to be able to give them what they've been asking for," she explains, adding that the larger square footage will also include a private room for meetings or bread bashes, along with a patio and an expanded kitchen. "There's always a lot of booty-bumping going on here, but the new location should alleviate that."

What won't change -- at least initially -- is the menu, which will continue to ballyhoo a siren song display case of quiches and sweet and savory croissants, chocolate bread pudding and brioche stuffed with blue cheese or Camembert, scones, soups and panini. "We're starting out with the same menu, but the plan it to expand it down the line, and unlike our original location, the new bakery will offer fresh-baked breads that we'll sell on a daily basis," Chandler says. She hints, too, that waffles, more egg-y dishes and cakes and pies are in the pipeline, as is a possible dinner menu.

In addition, the new bakery, which will open at 6:30 a.m., will feature longer hours -- and be open seven days a week. "We've always been closed on Mondays, but that will change once we reopen, and instead of closing at 3, we'll stay open until 5 or 6," notes Chandler.

And while the new digs will mean fewer butt-bumps, Chandler insists that the quirky bohemian vibe of the Victorian won't be lost when the bakery reopens. "We're going to keep the same feel as much as we can, and the hodgepodge and mishmash of chairs, lounge chairs, sofas and tables will all be a part of the furniture scheme. It'll be a great place to come and hang out and be comfy," she promises.

Oh, how sweet it is.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.