Breakfast at Hi Rise is a plant-based high point

When you're looking for a quick breakfast -- coffee for one hand, sandwich or bagel for the other -- and you want it meat-free, Hi Rise is an excellent choice if you're near the Ballpark neighborhood. The coffee, bagels and breakfast sandwiches are all superb; service is fast; there's seating inside if you want to hang out and eat; and employees are well-versed on what might or might not be safe for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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The bakery is busy every morning, including Sundays, when there's just enough turnover to ensure that groups waiting for tables aren't clogging up the entryway. The line moves quickly, and the biggest problem is figuring out exactly what you want before it's time to give your order to the cashier.

We went with the jalapeno breakfast sandwich pictured above: egg, jalapeno cream cheese and salsa fresca on a green chile bagel. It ordinarily comes with sausage; we asked Hi Rise to hold the meat, but it was still filling and delicious. (This is something you might want to eat while sitting down, as they're tough to munch on the run.)

There are several kinds of bagels to choose from, too, and a half-dozen cream cheese options -- or you can go with hummus for a dairy-free choice. We tried that on an everything bagel that was perfectly chewy on the inside with a light toast on the outside. Paired with a soy-milk latte, this was a breakfast of champions, for sure.

Hi Rise is open every day for breakfast, 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. on Sunday. Visit

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