Breakfast on the other side of the world

I sat with my book and asked for tea. The host brought me a pot of fresh green tea, loose-leaf, still steeping. I opened my book, thinking I would have to wait for the first cart to come my way, but but the cart ladies, having spied me, descended like smiling, dive-bombing Stukkas.

"Dumplings? Shrimp and pork."

I nodded.

"Pork and shrimp?"

I nodded.

"Shrimp with mushrooms and pork?"

I dithered.

"It's new. Just made."

I nodded.

Star Kitchen just opened a few months ago, but it opened with a pedigree straight from Rocky Mountain dim sum Valhalla: The owner, Jong Ng, is the former chef at Super Star Asian, former undisputed best dim sum in town.

Last week, I finally made it to Star Kitchen for a little bit of breakfast. A lot of breakfast, actually. More courses than I can even remember. And you can read all about it right here tomorrow.

For those of you more into the Vietnamese side of Denver's Asian food community, I also have the behind-the-scenes story of what went down at the former Ha Noi Pho (now Can Tho Pho) and how this city might finally be getting a dose of South Vietnamese food to balance out all the fine examples we have of Central and Highland grub.

And finally, this week I return to Breakfast King for a little chicken-fried steak and a little gloating. In case you missed it, the King recently got tagged by Esquire as having one of the best breakfasts in America -- something that we here in Denver have all known for years.

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