Breckenridge-Wynkoop have a Fort Collins spot on tap for spring

There's good news for residents of Fort Collins, which will soon have a piece of the Breckenidge-Wynkoop empire in their own town. On February 8, the company closed on a two-story property in Old Town Fort Collins that was previously home to Beach House Grill.

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This will be the thirteenth establishment for the Breckenridge-Wynkoop family, which jointly owns twelve other restaurants and brewpubs in Colorado. Each of those establishments is tailored to the community it serves, and the FoCo spot will be no different. "For this location, we are planning to strip the space down, and then use real wood and brick finishes, says Lisa Ruskaup, the concept director of the company. "The design of the restaurant will include two bars as well as a variety of seating options that will accommodate both small and large parties. And we are thrilled to take full advantage of the phenomenal rooftop deck!"

The creative team at Breckenridge-Wynkoop has been working diligently to find out just what FoCo residents are looking for in the way of food; more vegetarian options are getting a lot of votes. And because the company represents two of Colorado's oldest brewing companies, beer is very important as well, of course. Beverage manager Ken Kodys is working to create something that is unique but not too trendy for the place, Ruskaup notes.

And what will that place be named? The owners haven't determined the name yet, but are coming close. "Just as we have has with the other recent establishments, the creative team will begin with a song or playlist that captures the concept," Ruskaup promises.

Construction will begin in March, and the folks at Breckenridge-Wynkoop hope to open the restaurant this spring.

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