Bride orders life-size wedding cake shaped like... herself

Weddings always walk that fine line between a celebration of a happy couple and blatant displays of narcissism (for instance, why else would ugly bridesmaid dresses exist than to make a bride seem all the more radiant?), but this stunt takes the cake -- literally.

Post-vow renewal refreshments for a Dallas couple recently included a cake that was a nearly life-sized replica of the bride.

The 400-pound, five-foot monstrosity was originally meant to be part of a pair of cakes: one shaped like the bride and another shaped like the groom. But because the confection took five weeks -- and 200 eggs plus 7.5 liters of amaretto -- to produce, there wasn't enough time to make the male counterpart.

"I always wanted a doll made in my likeness," bride Chidi Ogbuta told Metro.co.uk. Enter a Godzilla-size pastry bodied like the bride, complete in a wedding dress and veil -- a dream she could finally make come true on the day she celebrated ten years of marriage.

How sweet. Your move, Ace of Cakes.

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