Bring out your best (by March 19)

Just got a copy of a restaurateur's plea to his regulars:

OK, last chance to rock a new vote: voting ends on Monday. This one is way important if we could win http://www.westword.com/polls/bestof09/. On last page is best new restaurant, type in HIS RESTAURANT HERE

but if you do vote, you have to do a few other "best ofs" so they know it's a for real vote (like best bronco, best movie theater, best mall shop etc etc).

So feel free to copy to anybody thats bored, lonely, or just wants to show some HIS RESTAURANT HERE. if we win this, it would be a great start

Hey, Mr. Anonymous Restaurateur, thanks for giving us the perfect chance to remind everyone that the Best of Denver 2009, our 25th anniversary edition, is coming March 26, and you can still vote online (and online only; the print poll deadline was two weeks ago) until March 19. Which means midnight Wednesday.

But he was right about the address. You'll find the poll at http://www.westword.com/polls/bestof09/

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