bRUNch gives new meaning to eating on the run

Hate to eat and run? Problem solved: With bRUNch, you'll run first, then reward your triumph with brunch fare while sipping drinks every Sunday, April through September, with Denver's newest social running club, bRUNch.

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bRUNch is for runners (all experience levels welcome) who like good cardio and good eats. On Sundays, the group meets at a preselected brunch spot at 9:15 a.m. "We did our very first run in April at Jonesy's EatBar," says co-founder Alex Weissner, who does freelance PR for several local eateries. "We try to highlight as many brunch locations as possible, which is hard since there are so many great restaurants in town."

This season's diverse lineup of brunch stops ranges from Second Home Kitchen to Tamayo. Still, one qualification is rather rigid: the restaurant must be close to a park or running trail. After teaming up at the day's brunch pick, the group heads out for a quick run, either a 5K or 10K route, depending on personal preference (both options are offered weekly). Afterwards, participants recharge with an entrée and two beverages, alcoholic or non, at an all-inclusive brunch.

bRUNch launched in April and has been so successful that Weissner and partner Cortney Logan not only plan to continue the operation in Denver next year, but will also be launching branches in Phoenix and Boulder.

The club is currently finishing up the last eight weeks of its debut season. Come out for this weekend's bRUNch at Jonesy's EatBar on Sunday, August 4. Tickets are $20; runners are encouraged to purchase tickets on bRUNch's website, although tickets can be purchased the day of with cash or credit card.

The group runs rain or shine, but may reschedule for extreme weather conditions. For up-to-date information, follow bRUNch on Facebook or Twitter.

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