Bud Light vs. Coors Light: An accident waiting to happen

Does fiction follow real life or does real life come from fiction?

The drivers of two beer trucks had to put philosophical questions like that aside during a snow storm on January 19 when one of their trucks slid into the other in Boulder, as seen in a comical YouTube video produced by the Boulder Daily Camera. The mishap appears to have taken place outside Shooters Grill and Bar at 13th and Walnut streets.

Even more awkward, the driver of the Bud Light semi seems to have gotten the best of the Coors Light driver, who only had a much smaller van to protect him.

Of course the two companies have been going at it for years in their commercials (remember the Budweiser dalmation who switches teams?), but the accident is also reminiscent of the Coke Zero vs. Pepsi One commercials in which drivers for the two companies get into a brawl at a diner.

The good news? Not much was lost if either delivery was late. To see why, check out our list of fifty Colorado craft beers to drink before you die -- or die trying.

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