Buffalo Bill beers wind up at the legal bar

Saturday was a big day for William F. Cody, the Old West icon who became the country's first true action figure, and a marketing genius who pedaled the brand of Buffalo Bill around the world.

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, a Denver-owned facility dedicated to his memory, was recently named the year's best Western museum by True West, an honor the Denver Post touted in a front-page story on August 27. Meanwhile, up in Cody, Wyoming, the town that Cody founded (and thought it deserved to be his final resting ground), is the site of a fight between two competing Buffalo Bill beers.

On August 27, the Wall Street Journal had a story on that Buffalo Bill beer brawl.

The brawlers: Mike Darby, who owns the Irma Hotel, built by William Cody in 1902 and full of Buffalo Bill memorabilia -- including a new craft beer with customized Buffalo Bill Beer labels. And Eric Bischoff, a former wrestler who has a reality TV company and contracted with a microbrewery to create Buffalo Bill Cody Beer.

Right now, the only bar really serving these beers is the legal bar. But Darby is sure that he has the law, and history, on his side, and tells the WSJ that he also sees a day coming when the Irma will sell Buffalo Bill steaks, Buffalo Bill bison burgers "and Buffalo Bill... Lord knows what. We're just into Buffalo Bill here."

Fair warning: There are several Buffalo Bill burgers out there already, including at Hopdaddy Burger Bar and Your Mom's Burger Bar, both in Austin, Texas, as well as at Jack Rabbit's in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. And we hear that Gaylord Entertainment, which wants to build a hotel/convention complex in Aurora, is partial to a Buffalo Bill burger, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.