Bull & Bush elves bring new brewing tanks and put Christmas fun on tap

Christmas came early for Bull & Bush Pub head brewer Gabe Molina, who is taking delivery this week on two truckloads of new brewing equipment. They pub is adding four fifteen-barrel tanks and four seven-barrel tanks, along with four fifteen-barrel serving tanks for their draft lines. The additions will quadruple the current capacity, says co-owner Erik Peterson. "We will have so much more room to play with and do more one-off beers," Peterson says. "We've been having trouble just trying up with our stock beers. But now we'll be able to run the gamut and get creative. Gabe is giddy."

The Bull & Bush was founded in 1971 by Dale and Dean Peterson, but didn't start brewing its own beers until 1996 when Dale's sons, Erik and Dave took over. This is the Glendale mainstay's first brewery upgrade since then.

The expansion will also let the Bull & Bush distribute more kegs around town to beer bars that have been asking for their stuff. In the meantime, though, Bull & Bush isn't brewing any of its own stuff for another week.

But that's okay because the pub is celebrating the twelve days of Christmas by tapping a new keg each day. Some are Bull & Bush beers they've saved and some are guest beers. Today is the second day, and they'll have The Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout. After that, it's (or check the Bull & Bush website):

Moylans Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale Bull & Bush 38th Anniversary Ale Moylans Old Blarney Barley Wine Bull & Bush Tank Town Brown Moylans Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout Bull & Bush Release the Hounds Barley Wine Brasserie Dubuisson Freres Scaldis Noel Bull & Bush Brewery, Yule Fuel Vintage 2009, 2010, and lambic 2005 Avery Brewing Samael's Ale Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers Stille Nacht from 2003

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