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Reader: In-N-Out? There Are Much Better Burgers at Local Joints!

Coming to Denver...soon.
Coming to Denver...soon. Peter F. at Flickr
The wait is almost over. Three years have passed since California's cult fast-food chain, In-N-Out Burger, announced plans to build a distribution center in Colorado Springs so that it could begin opening burger joints along the Front Range, starting with outlets in the Springs, Lone Tree and Aurora, all currently under construction.

Now the company has proposed its first In-N-Out within Denver city limits, submitting plans to open a location in the Northfield development near I-70 and Central Park Boulevard. The news inspired both excitement and skepticism among readers, who shared their thoughts — and a few local favorites, including Bob's Atomic Burgers and Grandpa's Burger Haven — on the Westword Facebook page.

Says Justin: 
In-N-Out burgers are okay at best, their fries suck and the people who are fanatics suck. One more step closer to Colifornia. I try not to eat garbage, but If I have to eat a fast-food burger, I'd go with Shake Shack.
Responds Alec:
The bottom line in this country is the bottom line, and clearly In-N-Out is doing something right, as they are a very successful chain that a lot of people like.
Counters Bob:
Shop local, fuck these chain fast-food shits.
Suggests Nick:
There’s massively better burgers from local joints. Someone is allowed to think In-N-Out is crap. I personally don’t think it’s any better then most fast-food burgers.
Advises Pete:
Double-Double Animal Style.
Comments Brandon:
Pretty good burgers...but they aren’t much different than Burger-Fi or Shake Shack. Honestly, I miss Griff’s.
Begs Shannon:
Whataburger, please save us!
And then there's this from Mike:
We moved to Denver in 2002 and there was talk of an In-N-Out then. I’ll believe it when I see it.

If it does get built, the hipsters will ruin it like everything else.
What do you think of In-N-Out? What's your favorite burger chain? What's your favorite burger in Denver? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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