Buy at Whole Foods, help SAME Cafe

On Thursday, November 20, on Whole Foods Giving Day, 5 percent of all purchases made at the Capitol Hill store at 900 East 11th Avenue will benefit SAME Cafe, at 2023 East Colfax Avenue.

According to the Whole Foods website, that store "has been an integral part of the Denver community since March 1993" -- even if it hasn't always gone by the name Whole Foods. "We proudly offer our customers fresh food and friendly smiles. Business folk stop in for a hot meal from our full service deli, families stock their fridge with natural and organic grocery essentials and children eye our assortment of decadent baked goods and refreshing smoothies."

And at least five cents of every dollar spent there on November 20 will go to a very good cause -- a restaurant that takes its name from the motto So All May Eat, and charges customers on a pay-what-you-can (or want-to) basis for healthy, organic fare.

Even with that odd business plan, Since SAME opened over a year ago, it's been surprisingly successful -- and just this week added space in the renovated storefront next door.

So shop at Whole Foods, so that all may eat more at SAME.

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