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Cafe 180 is now open on South Broadway

Cafe 180, which opened last Friday at 3315 South Broadway, is now serving pizza, soup and salad five days a week at pay-what-you-can prices. The restaurant joins the ranks of SAME Cafe and Comfort Cafe with its commitment to make wholesome, nutritious foods available regardless of a diner's ability to pay.

"So far we've had grilled flatbread pizza, Caesar salad, spinach salad with berries, chocolate chip cookies, corn chowder soup, tomato basil soup and broccoli cheese soup," says founder Cathy Matthews.

Pizza, which is Matthews' specialty, features prominently on the limited menu, and the restaurant mills its own flour for the crust.

The restaurant's opening was delayed over a month to accommodate remodeling efforts. The space, which used to house a Spicy Pickle, is airy and bright, with bar stools and high tables, along with regular tables; there's a patio along two sides of the building. "There's a really unique feel about it," Matthews says. "It's almost like a family café."

But that's because families are working there: Matthews, her husband, Buzz, and business partners Libby and Peter Whitmore do most of the heavy lifting related to the restaurant's operations, flanked by a cook who used to work for Macaroni Grill.

Diners are encouraged to volunteer an hour of their time at Cafe 180 if they are unable to pay for their meals. The public is also welcome to volunteer; iff you're interested, you can sign up via the restaurant's website.

Right now, Cafe 180 is open for lunch only, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Matthews hopes the restaurant will begin serving dinner by appointment sometime in September.

For more information, call 303-761-4510.

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