Cafe Society: Week in review

What you may have missed this week on Cafe Society while you were buried in gravy, a slave to stuffing or checking out Sheehan's roundup of Denver's best pub grub, which is exactly what you want after too much tryptophan:

Saul Hudson learned that Chipotle Mexican Grill is entering the London fast-food scene in early 2010 -- so why not put together a pre-Christmas wish list of all the London fast-food huts that should open an outlet in Denver?

Restaurateurs, like anyone else, have their sanity issues, but as Kate Kennedy reports, NYC restaurant owner Vaidim Ponorovsky is a complete freakling, having unleashed an e-mail to his staff in which he called them "lazy disrespectful assholes and fucking lazy motherfuckers." And that's just his idea of foreplay.

Satchel's Market got itself a new Swedish chef (and menu), while the Corner Office snagged Carlos Ruiz, the former chef from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, who will introduce a new menu early next year.

Meanwhile, Jason Bernal, owner of Perky Cups, a new java joint in Aurora that prides itself on peppermint mochas bare midriffs and bouncy cleavage, announced to the world that he was the staff Chief Bikini Inspector. Nice.

If Bernal's breast-y girls decide that bikini season is for the birds, perhaps they can find a job at Ondo's, which just opened in Cherry Creek; Earls, which joins the Cherry Creek dining scene today at 201 Columbine Street; or the new SkyBox at SouthGlenn.

Nancy Levine went Behind the Bar with Erin Clark, the bartender at Jax-Denver, while Lori Midson grilled James Rugile, exec chef of Venue, in this week's Chef and Tell interview.

Last, but not least, Saul Hudson gave us ten celebrity chefs and the food that we should hurl at their heads. I suspect some of you read this prior to Thanksgiving and went to your in-law's house packed with ammo.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.