Cafe Society: Week in review

What you may have missed this week on Cafe Society while you were weighing in on twelve's Jeff Osaka, the restaurant's exec chef and owner who's at the center of this week's Chef and Tell interview -- and some controversy surrounding his comment regarding his most critical customers.

So far, January is all about abundance -- as in the abundance of restaurant and bar closings, which started with Cherry Creek's Cafe Colorado earlier this month. Since then, we've also lost Blues on Blake Supper Club, BJ's Port, Amazing Jake's and Bash.

On a brighter note, January marked a major anniversary for Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe, the celebrated Highland restaurant that's entering it 25th year slinging burritos, serving nápoles and mole and pouring potent margaritas to loyal crowds.

It might take 25 years for an intrepid eater to plow their way through the "Hugilio," an 11-pound combo pizza that Virgilio's Pizzeria is using as a tease to convince some poor sucker that pocketing a cool grand in cash is worth the heart attack.

Maybe bartender Randy Layman, who left a long ride slinging drinks at Avenue Grill to run the bar at Jonesy's -- for a mere two nights -- could take a slice from that monster pie while contemplating his next move.

Which is exactly what Biker Jim had been doing for quite a while before adding a third hot dog cart to his repertoire. Starting today, Jim began doling out dogs in the parking lot of Argonaut Liquor. That's right, peeps: You can now get whiskey and a wiener within a bottle's toss of each other.

If you can't stomach elk, reindeer, or rattlesnake, three of Jim's biggest sellers, then you can always settle for brownies...peppered with pot. In fact, we've got several recipes to make sure your weekend ends on a high.

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