Cafe Society

Cafe Society: Week in review

What you might have missed this week on Cafe Society while shoving chicken wings down your throat...

Carnivorous anti-vegetarian Jason Sheehan trots out the city's top cow temples in his Denver's Ten Best Steakhouses roundup.

At Dish, the Westword Menu Affair, Argyll Gastropub executive chef Sergio Romero and Jay Spickelmier, the exec at Jing, battle for rights to the marshmallow statue during the Mile High Chef Competition.

Lori Midson gets her tarot cards read while interviewing Panzano chef Elise Wiggins, who dishes on everything from bulls' balls to her most embarrassing moment -- the day her butt mooned the dining room.

In an attempt to give the great foodniks in this city their say about the state of Denver's dining scene, Sheehan gives power to the people after polling the people in Westword's 1st Annual Cafe Society Poll about Food and Chefs and Stuff.

Marczyk Fine Food's co-owner Pete Marczyk delivers a dissertation, followed by a recipe for green chile stew, in What's Cooking?

Ron Fisher reports that Zaidy's Downtown Deli, which had recently become a mass of fusion confusion, finally put all confusion to rest by going dark.

Nancy Levine goes behind the bar with Nate Windham from the Office@Blondies.

And last, but not least, Teague Bohlen rants about weight-loss ads that make us want to hurl.
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