Cafe Society: Week in review

What you might have missed on this week's Cafe Society...

Just don't call it a gastropub.  Jason Sheehan lists his favorite places to belly up to the bar for eats.

We were teased with the promise of Tony's Market opening this week, but ultimately denied.

Much anticipated Park Burger did open, but is still working out some kinks.

Speaking of kinks, did Quiznos cross the line with its 2 Girls 1 Sub promo?

If you didn't think Chipotle rolling out a value menu would upset anyone, then you underestimated the Denver Egotist's passion for big burritos and its hatred of  "Cheapotle."

Chef Max Mackissock took an early departure from Primebar but is slated to take over the kitchen at The Squeaky Bean, opening Monday.


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