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Cafe Society: Week in review

What you may have missed this week on Cafe Society, while checking out the Chef and Tell interview with Matt Mine, exec of the Oceanaire Seafood Room, who's fishing for a new girlfriend.

Red Claw Seafood & Wings opened today in the former Pho Van Noodle Souper space with a menu that has absolutely nothing to do with pho, and everything to do with seafood and chicken wings done every which way. Only time will tell if this is a concept that'll fly.

After three months of eating ourselves into oblivion while searching near and far for our favorite 100 dishes in the city, we wrapped up the epic eating odyssey with the feijoada from Emporio do Brasil. Now that we're done, what should our next project be? Got an idea? Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

Over in cakeville, Keegan Gerhard, master baker of D Bar Desserts and former host of Food Network Challenge, has been superseded (sort of) by Claire Robinson, a bubbly, beautiful brunette who's now hosting the top-rated sugar show, while Gerhard is now sitting at the judge's table flipping a scorecard.

In the world of wine, Kendra Anderson, a.k.a. Swirl Girl, proffered up a handful of tried-and-true techniques to help you order wine like a pro the next time you're out to dinner with a bunch of grape novices.

Kate Kennedy went happy hour hunting at Limon, but left dismally unhappy, so unhappy, in fact, that she wrote that "it would take an awful lot for us to consider going back again. Ever." Ouch. It case you were wondering, Kennedy flunked it.

Livability, the site that invites you to "discover America's best places to live," released its list of "Foodie Finds: 10 Surprising Food Cities," and Colorado occupies two of the top slots -- Boulder and -- GET THIS! - Pueblo! No, REALLY, Pueblo. We're as be-fucking-fuddled as you are.

And here's another shocker: After more than five years behind the bar at Frasca Food & Wine in Boulder, Bryan Dayton is taking his bar-slinging skills down the block to Bitter Bar in mid-may.

And that's this week's food wrap.

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