Cafe Society

Cafe Society: Week in review

What you might have missed this week on Cafe Society while getting your free jolt of instant java at Starbucks:

A second outpost of Toast, the kick-ass pancake palace, took up residence in the former Village Inn space in Cherry Creek.

Fresko, an upscale Mexican restaurant in the Tech Center ,went dark barely two months after first seeing light, while Lobby American Grille opened at the end of September to stampedes of hungry gastronauts.

Alex Seidel, chef-owner of Fruition, chatted with Lori Midson about his new farm, the absence of rules in his kitchen, his lust for potatoes and how he can't stand lobster, especially when it's mixed with macaroni.

Nancy Levine talked cocktails, trail running and tequila hookers with Frasca Food & Wine bartender Brian Dayton.

Jason Sheehan beat a dead horse -- and that was that.

In case you spent the duration of the Great American Beer Festival in a drunken stupor, you'll be pleased to know that several Colorado breweries racked up a barrel of awards.

Gourmet , the foodie monthly that normally ignores our fine restaurant citadel, actually gave shout-outs to two Colorado restaurants -- Frasca Food & Wine and El Taco de Mexico -- as part of the magazine's feature on the country's best restaurants worth the money.

Finally, Levine penned a pointed letter to Keegan Gerhard in an attempt to explain her take on breakfast cupcakes, which Gerhard doesn't seem to think exists. If they don't, they should.

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