Calling all creators: Make PBR art and win a year's worth of beer

We Coloradans are good at many things: We excel at making SmartWools and long underwear look sexy, for example. We're skilled enough to golf in January and ski in June. We can out-breathe anyone from the Midwest. But most important, Coloradans know how to put the hurt on a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon better than any other state in the country. Except maybe Nebraska.

And now, die-hard PBR fans with artistic talent have less than two weeks to submit their PBR-themed photography, painting, sculpture and/or poetry to the Pabst Blue Ribbon "PB-Arts Contest." Applicants are encouraged to create unique works of art inspired by the well-known beer cans. Winners will have the opportunity to display their work across America; they'll get a hefty cash payout, too.

Denver artists have until Sunday, January 31 to submit their creations to the Illiterate Media Gallery, 82 South Broadway. But if you get your work in by Saturday, January 23, and it doesn't suck, it'll be entered into the locals-only contest held that evening. The event is open to the pubic, and music will be provided by Josephine and the Mouse People, as well as Jonathan & B-Pro.

During the national "PB-Arts Contest," two winners will be selected in each category. Grand prize winners will be awarded a one-year supply of PBR and $1,893 (a reference to the year the brew won the blue ribbon). Runners-up in each category will receive one-third of the grand prize allotment: $631 and four months worth of beer.

For more info, visit the contest's website.

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