Calling all Daves: Famous Dave's has a deal for you

If you are so fortunate as to be named for the King of the Israelites, the Famous Dave's BBQ outlet in Thornton rules! Because this outlet, and this outlet only (for now), of the 170-store chain has made every Sunday Dave's Day, when anyone with the first name of Dave or David is entitled to a free Budweiser or Bud Light. And if Dave or David is your middle or last name, you get your beer at half-price: You're still famous, just not quite as famous.

The promotion has been under way for a couple of weeks, and soon will expand to three other Colorado locations. "We started brainstorming ideas about having a Dave's Day because we loved it when Dave would come in," marketing director Dallas Massey says of Dave Anderson, owner of Dave's. "We wanted to honor Dave and anyone named Dave."

As Massey explains it, "Daves are very important to our culture, and we want them to feel 'Famous' just for sharing our namesake. We are looking at gathering many Daves and hosting a Dave Fest in the near future to take this a step further."

Those lacking the royal moniker can become honorary Daves, receiving all the same perks -- except the opportunity to enter the Dave of the Month contest. Winners of that monthly competition each get a $50 gift card and other prizes.

The Thornton Famous Dave's that got this started is at 16539 North Washington Street; the three other Colorado outlets soon to offer Dave's Day are at 7557 East 36th Avenue in Denver, 8330 Razorback Road in Colorado Springs and 2440 Highway 6 in Grand Junction.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.