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Calling all sinners: Five Denver restaurants where you must eat before the world ends tomorrow

Even if you haven't come up for air this week, we assume you've still heard the farcical prediction by crazy Christian radio host Harold Camping -- namely that tomorrow is doomsday (some call it heaven) for at least 200 million of us. God forbid, it could be you! Or worse, me (although I'm in Mexico City right now, where it's far more likely that I'll die getting sandwiched between two trucks while waddling away from a taqueria).

In any case, you'll want to eat like a heathen before you get swallowed up, so we've put together a list of five Denver restaurants where you must eat before you meet heaven's gates. You've got just over 24 hours -- the Rapture will consume us sinners at 6 p.m. -- to get your grub on. But if you start now, it's conceivable that you could hit them all.

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Lori Midson
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