Campagna and My Other Bar reopen on Wednesday

We noticed last week that Campagna Pizzeria -- the restaurant Alex Gurevich opened almost two years ago in a Sixth Avenue storefront that has seen a lot of eateries come and go over the years -- was closed and undergoing renovations. It appeared that the space would reopen as a new concept entirely, giving the neighborhood a new watering hole under the name My Other Bar.

While it's true that the place is getting a little bit of a re-conceptualization, Gurevich says it has nothing to do with Campagna's viability. "I've seen all the speculation that the address is a black hole," says the owner. "But that really isn't it. Because that place was so old, we thought it would be cool to leave the bar the way it was and remodel everything else back when we opened. But the neighborhood was calling out for a bar, so we wanted to offer an alternative to Don's Mixed Drinks, and we needed to do some major renovations in the back."

When the place reopens, he continues, it will certainly include that alternative. But Campagna isn't going anywhere: "We're opening back up as Campagna Pizzeria and creating a separate bar -- My Other Bar -- in the back," he says. The full Campagna menu, which is also getting a makeover, will be served in the window booths; pool tables will divide the space and allow the back to function more as a lounge. "The My Other Bar side of it will definitely be more of a stand-alone space." The result, he hopes, will be similar to the Limon and Next Door Lounge address, which he also owns.

Campagna and My Other Bar are currently in soft-opening mode: "We have to start from scratch and get the whole kitchen up to speed," Gurevich explains. He plans to reopen to the public on Wednesday night.

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