Campagna closes for remodeling and will reopen as My Other Bar

The address on Sixth Avenue and Downing that's home to Campagna is one of Denver's cursed locations, losing a slew of restaurants over the course of the last few decades. Owner Alex Gurevich is determined to make it work, though -- even if that means ditching his salumeria and pizzeria in the process.

Campagna hasn't served a meal since late December, and when we stopped by today, a man hanging a sign out front confirmed that though ownership hasn't changed, the concept certainly has.

According to a voicemail message, the place took an extended holiday sabbatical to complete some "much-needed renovations." When it reopens, though, it will no longer be just a pizza and salumi place. Instead, according to Campagna's Facebook page, the restaurant is being retooled as a neighborhood bar, complete with a new name. When it reopens, it will be My Other Bar, and while wood-fired pizza will still be available, it won't be the focus.

So when will the changes be completed? That same voicemail says My Other Bar was slated to reopen on January 13, but as of today, it's definitely still undergoing construction Signage out front says it will reopen before the end of January.

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