Can Modmarket make it at Boulder's Twenty Ninth Street mall?

Come August, Rob McColgan and Anthony Pigliacamto will open Modmarket at 1700 28th Street in Boulder's flailing Twenty Ninth Street mall, a risky move that is nothing short of roulette, considering the succession of restaurants that have opened, and subsequently shuttered, in that wasteland of chains.

But the 2,500-square-foot Modmarket is not a chain, and while it is the first restaurant for McColgan and Pigliacamto, it sounds -- at least from the help wanted ad on Craigslist (general manager, if you're interested) -- like a perfect fit for Boulder:

"What is ModMarket?" it asks.

"ModMarket is a fast-casual restaurant that serves healthy, gourmet-quality salads and flatbreads in a fun, simple, and contemporary format. We have a very modern store design (think Apple store, not Applebee's), a completely open kitchen and a bunch of neat innovations that set us apart from the competition. All of our foods are healthy and delicious, achieved through appropriate-sized portions and fresh, unprocessed ingredients: whole grains, seasonal produce, and humanely raised meats. ModMarket is targeting consumers who are struggling to find exceptional, nutritious food at reasonable prices..."

"This is not Taco Bell - no assembly lines, no heating of pre-made foods; just real ingredients assembled and cooked in endless ways right in front of customers."

Tell that to your chihuahua.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.