Candy Girls: Icicle Pop

This cool-looking candy seemed like just what we needed on a hot day.  Distributed by Kid's Brands, the Icicle Pop does its best to invoke the brand Popsicle without actually using it.  The familiar shape and colors in the logo make it clear that this double lollipop is designed to make you think your favorite frozen treat supplier is dabbling in a little cold confection.  The packaging calls the candy "icy cool," so it got us wondering whether the pop would actually deliver a cooling sensation somehow, or if the copy was all hype.

Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed with the first lick.  Where we were hoping for a mentholated burst, we found only a standard hard candy.  But it isn't all bad news.  The sour blue raspberry actually packs a mouth-puckering punch.  There is some sort of super sour coating on the outside that will really get your saliva glands going.  It actually takes a bit of time for the sour to dissipate, which is nice, and the blue raspberry candy by itself is pleasant.

True to double Popcicle form, we found the lollipop difficult to break into two neat sticks for sharing, as is encouraged by the design.  We ended up with two jagged pieces, one significantly larger than the other.  It's probably best for everyone to just get their own.

Maybe it's just the packaging, but the flavor does remind us of a frozen treat from our childhood: the Otter Pop.  The Icicle Pop won't cool you down on a hot day, but it might bring a little summer memory to your taste buds.

Would we finish it?  Yes

Would we buy again?  Possibly, though our cravings for blue raspberry hard candies are limited

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.