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Candy Girls: Limited Edition Wild Cherry M&M's

We found this mysterious pack of Wild Cherry M&M's tucked away in the wrong box at our local Walgreens. There didn't seem to be a display of them, and a search for like packages proved fruitless. We also haven't run across them in any other stores, leaving us wondering about the origins of our mystery candy. (They show up as a new product on the Mars website, so at least we know we didn't dig up a relic from four years ago or something).

First Reactions: The M&M's are non-uniformly shaped, similar to the Mint Crisp M&M's we tasted before. The candies, which are also larger than your standard M&M, come in two colors, a bright red and a dark maroon. Liz: They smell like cherries and chocolate. Aubrey: I wonder if they have cherry bits in them or if they're just chocolate.

Taste: There are definitely no cherry pieces in the chocolate, which is unfortunate, but the cherry flavor works surprisingly well with the chocolate. It may have something to do with the fact that these limited edition treats are made with semisweet chocolate instead of the standard milk chocolate. There was a brief discussion over whether the two colors are flavored differently; ultimately, we decided they were the same.

Liz: Mmmm! Aubrey: Mmmm! Liz: It tastes like chocolate covered cherries without the actual cherry part. Aubrey: I don't mind artificial cherry flavoring, so I actually really like these. Liz: I don't like when stuff tastes like cough syrup, but I don't think these taste like that. The chocolate helps temper the flavor. Aubrey: The larger size means there is more of the yummy semisweet chocolate inside the hard candy shell. These are definitely superior to other M&Ms I've had.

Conclusions: With the extra, semisweet chocolate in each bite and the pleasing cherry flavor, these were a hit with us. Now the question becomes where to find them again...

Would we finish the bag? Uh, it was gone before we realized it. Would be buy again? Yes, especially if they ever made their way to a bulk bag for filling a party bowl. They would look so pretty and festive -- you could decorate an entire event around their maroon and red color scheme.

Rating: 4 out of 5

-- Liz and Aubrey

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