Candy Girls: Nothing Bundt Cakes

When the Candy Girls heard there was a new bakery in town crafting only bundt cakes, the first question that came to mind was this: What was its punny name? Because it is impossible to have a niche foodstuffs place and not find an appropriate pun for its name. It's A Bundt Time? Kiss My Bundt?

Close! Lone Tree recently welcomed Nothing Bundt Cakes and sent over a red velvet bundt for us to sample.

While the name is catchy, it's not entirely accurate, since the cakes are quite a bit more than just bundt. The gimmick is to make use of that pesky hole that usually sits there holding nothing more than boring air. What gets stuffed in the hole? What doesn't get stuffed in the hole! As the shop's website showcases, anything from flowers and pictures to pinwheels and party hats is fair game. This makes the overall feel of the business skew a little more 1-800-FLOWERS than we prefer for our bakeries, making it seem like part of the same family as those cookie bouquets or edible fruit flowers.

However, we have to say that the cake was pretty good. Certainly no dried-up slab dusted with powdered sugar, the red velvet cake was moist and tender, drenched with an ultra-rich cream cheese frosting. A layer of chocolate chips hovered near the surface, adding a nice extra dimension.

We admit the thought of ordering a cake jammed full of flowers and trailing helium balloons (seriously, you can get balloons) conjures a hilarious image of Maria Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but the shop also carries mini-cakes, or bundtlets, which just might be too adorable to pass up. Who knows: With the variety of flavors and the cutesy name, bundtlets could just be the new cupcake.

Nothing Bundt Cakes is located at 7508 East Parkway Drive in Lone Tree. Call 303-925-1600 for more information.

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