Summertime is smoothie season, and these gems beckoned to us from a dusty Big Lots shelf, hinting at a world of cool refreshment. Okay, so we're not quite naive enough to believe that some off-flavor Skittles could possibly offer us much more than a lurking sense of disappointment; even so, we were interested to see how the candies would pull off the tricky promise of fancy fruit combos. The answer: poorly.

Smoothie Mix Skittles offers five promising flavors:

Candy Girls: Skittles Smoothie Mix

Lemon Berry
This one comes off as a watered-down lemon. No real discernible berry flavors, but it does leave a distinct Lysol tinge in your mouth.

Mixed Berry
A creamy note comes through on this one, though the berry flavor is weak and unspecific to any particular berry. It should also be noted that while the packaging represents these candies in a delicate lilac shade, the true color is armadillo gray.

Peach Pear
We were hopeful about these, because Jelly Belly has proved it's possible to do a realistic pear flavor in a chewy candy. But alas, Skittles is no Jelly Belly and they weren't able to come up with even a hint of pear. This one is all a very muted peach.

Orange Mango
A little creamsicle flavor comes through, but not much on the mango front.

Strawberry Banana
The banana flavor hits your tongue first, followed by a dull strawberry.

An ideal smoothie candy should marry tangy fruit with a creamy backdrop, much like the successful Creme Savers line. Unfortunately, Skittles Smoothie Mix misses the mark entirely with this bland conglomeration of indistinct fruit flavors. After eating a few, we felt like sixth graders who'd applied and then nibbled off Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers.

Would we finish the package?  No; the creamy undertone starts making you sick after the 4th Skittle or so.

Would we buy again?  No way.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.