"Sour gummy" is usually a good place for a candy to start.  But when it's followed by "popcorn," that presents a bit of a problem.  It gets slightly better with the promise that the gummies are fruit-flavored...then slightly worse with the warning that one of the fruit flavors is, in fact, popcorn.  The copy on the cute popcorn-box packaging encourages the game of "guess which flavor you're eating!" which may or may not be fun, depending on your degree of aversion to eating sour gummy popcorn-flavored candy.

Candy Girls: Sour Gummy Popcorn

The gummies are a buttery yellow, sprinkled with a dusting of sour sugar, and shaped roughly like pieces of popcorn.  We aren't sure if we just got a stale box or if this is indicative of all gummy popcorn, but the pieces we sampled were on the rubbery side of firm.  The tart sugar delivered a nice sour punch that stayed with the candy through the laborious chewing process. The popcorn-flavored ones tasted vaguely like popcorn Jelly Bellies, but with the added incongruence of sour flavoring. It seemed clear to us that the "fruit flavoring" was an afterthought.  We had to work our way past the sour assault on our tongues and toothsome workout with our chompers to get at the hint of extra flavoring.  As one guest taster put it, "I got apple!  No wait, this is watermelon.  No, actually, I think this is popcorn.  Yeah, popcorn!"  This guest taster also proclaimed the candy "awesome!"  (Guess who got the remaining box?)
Flix Candy, the creator of these chewy kernels, also specializes in Hannah Montana- and High School Musical-themed treats, so you get a good idea of the projected audience.  And if you think this candy is bad, we just want you to know it could have been worse.  MUCH WORSE.

Would we finish the package?  Our guest taster would!

Would we buy again?  There are too many good sour gummies out there to waste another dollar on these.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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