Cart-Driver Will Open for Lunch Today at Noon

I've always thought that Cart-Driver, with its blistered Neapolitan-style pizzas and lightning-fast kitchen, would be a great lunch spot. Problem was, it wasn't open for lunch.

Starting today, however, that will change. At noon, the doors of this trendy little restaurant sandwiched into the shipping container next to Work & Class will open, offering lunchgoers the same array of pizzas, oysters and small plates that have caught the Ballpark/RiNo neighborhood's attention since Cart-Driver opened in July. See also: Chef Kelly Whitaker's New Restaurant, Cart-Driver, Will Draw Inspiration From Italy's AutoGrill

In addition, co-owner Kelly Whitaker (of Boulder's Basta) has added Sicilian-style slices cooked in a pan, Italian flatbread called piadina with mortadella, and daily specials.

Turns out that lunch was always in the cards, but it took a few months to get going because "figuring out 600 square feet has been a challenge," says Whitaker.

Lunch isn't the only change in the works. "We're still doing a lot of things," he adds. In the months to come, look for new artwork out front and a covered, heated back patio, which is expected to add another fifteen seats -- and very welcome seats at that.

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