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Cast your vote for Acorn/Oak at Fourteenth's Steve Redzikowski, a Food & Wine magazine "people's best new chef" nominee

You'll find plenty of foodniks singing the praises of Oak at Fourteenth, the lauded restaurant that Steve Redzikowski and Bryan Dayton opened in Boulder in 2010 -- and again in 2011, following a crushing fire. And you'll find just as many ardent admirers of Acorn, the sequel to Oak that opened last year at the Source. I'm a huge fan of both restaurants and Redzikowski, with whom I chatted earlier this year for my weekly chef and tell interview, is a chef that shuns the spotlight -- and yet he keeps landing smack-dab in the middle of it, generating local and national accolades for his pure, honest cooking that's refreshingly absent of gimmicks and superfluous bullshit. And it appears that Food & Wine magazine has also taken notice of Redzikowski, because the glossy food title just named him a nominee in its annual "People's Best New Chef" competition, now in its fourth year.

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And that means it's time to click and vote, the process of which is open to the public from now until 3 p.m. mountain time Monday, March 31st. The competition, an extension of Food & Wine's annual Best New Chef awards, which ballyhoos the best up-and-coming chefs across the country (Alex Seidel, Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and James Mazzio have all earned that title), includes 100 nationwide nominees (Redzikowski is the only Colorado contender), of which finalists from each region will be determined by the most votes from the public. The winners, which be featured in the July 14 issue, will be announced on April 2 at

The Acorn/Oak team is also using its Twitter and Instagram accounts to generate votes. Use the #VoteChefSteve hashtag to root for the home chef.

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