Celebrate the Rockies and Walt Weiss by drinking a Walt Weiss at Denver Beer Co

Denver Beer Co co-owner Charlie Berger loves baseball and he's come up with the perfect beer -- and beer name -- to celebrate the Colorado Rockies.

The brewery will tap Walt Weiss (pronounced with a "v," German-style) at 10 a.m. on April 5, which is the team's home opener against the San Diego Padres.

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The beer, a traditional weiss-style wheat with flavors of banana and clove, is named in honor, obviously, of Walt Weiss, the team's shortstop from 1994-97, who was named as the new Rockies manager in November, after Jim Tracy quit.

"It wasn't my first thought when they announced that they were going to hire him, but a couple of months later, it just sort of struck me," Berger says about the play on words with Weiss's name."Our loveable Rockies have proven that part of the fun of watching them play is drinking beer, if not watching them win."

Denver Beer Co has actually made the recipe before; it was previously called Sunnyside Hefeweizen. But the new name is more fitting, Berger says.

"He played here, he is going to manage here. He may not take us to the World Series this year, but this is a great way to welcome him back to town," he adds.

Last season, Denver Beer Co made a Candian-style lager called Clown Question Bro that was based off of a response that Washington Nationals rookie star Bryce Harper, who is Canadian, made to a reporter concerning beer.

The comment -- and stories about the beer -- both went viral. When he heard about it later, Harper asked that proceeds be donated to charity, which they were.



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