Centennial Tavern at Jonesy's to Close on May 30

The Centennial Tavern at Jonesy's came into being as an evolution of the original Jonesy's Eatbar, Leigh Jones's neighborhood joint that held its own on an Uptown corner for six years — and even longer if you include Jones's original concept, the Dish Bistro.  J.D. Dossett took over as general manager and proprietor at the end of last year, and Jones stated at the time that the Jonesy's part of the name would be phased out by the fall of 2015. But the Centennial Tavern will never get the chance to stand alone: The tavern announced on its Facebook page that it will be closing for good on May 30:

Hello dear friends and regulars! It is with sadness, but also a thrill of 'what's next' that we announce today that we will be closing The Centennial Tavern at Jonesy's on May 30th. We cannot thank you enough for the love and support you've shown us and memories that we've made on our little corner over the past 8 years. Please join us as sometime during the next ten days for your favorite treat, and a big bear hug. Cheers!

No word yet on what that "what's next" will entail, but the space, at East 20th Avenue and Logan Street, is certainly an attractive spot for a restaurant. For those who enjoy the laidback vibe of the Centennial and Jonesy's before it, sister bar the Horseshoe Lounge next door still has those famous fries (for now) and Inga's Alpine Lounge and the Bar Car remain part of the family.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.