Charcoal Hosts Fundraiser for Commerce City School's Books and Supplies

It may come as a surprise to some, but not all Colorado schools provide free books for students. At Adams City High School in Commerce City, that means low-income families often struggle to buy books and supplies for their children. Tenth-grade teacher and Charcoal employee Margaret Sellers wants do to do something about that, and the restaurant, where she works evenings to supplement her teaching income, is willing to help. Charcoal is hosting a fundraiser tonight from 4 to 7 p.m., with food and drink specials and a chance to win a raffle prize.

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Funds will go toward purchasing books and supplies for students in Sellers's classes. If you attend, $10 will get you unlimited beer or wine until 7 p.m. For an additional $5 per person, there will also be unlimited appetizers, including pulled-pork sliders, bacon-wrapped dates and truffled popcorn during that time. Raffle tickets will also be sold, with wine from Austin Hope -- signed by the wine maker -- as the prize.

To make a reservation or to learn more about the fundraiser, call Charcoal at 303-454-0000.

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