Charcoal set to heat up on Monday
Stephanie DeCamp

Charcoal set to heat up on Monday

The long-awaited and often-rescheduled opening of Charcoal is finally happening on Monday.

The high-ceiling, sharp-lined space has been transformed from the old Apple Spice Junction. The decor is defined by dark tile and rock pieces, and the open kitchen is the centerpiece: big, beautiful and full of potential.

While Chef Patrik Landberg's new menu is still a secret, based on his time at Satchel's, it should be impressive. General manager Aric Sandoval says Charcoal is shooting to reach every demographic with its contemporary European cuisine.

"We've done a lot of market research, so we're doing fine-dining cuisine at a very affordable rate," Sandoval says. "We're not trying to undercut anybody at all, but we don't want people to spend a month's paycheck to come in and eat great cuisine and drink great wine. We want people to come in any time and know they are going to get a fantastic meal."

Sounds like a good mission statement to us!

Charcoal opens for lunch at 11 a.m. Monday.


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