Charlie Master is moving on

Charlie Master -- well-known floorman-about-town and scion of the former Mel's restaurant empire -- is packing it in at Sketch, leaving his gig with Jesse Morreale and Sean Yontz to become the new FOH guy for Goose Sorensen at Solera. "I'm excited about going to work for Goose," Charlie told Jason Sheehan when he got him on the phone last week. "One of the things I really miss is representing a restaurant."

In other words, being out front, pressing the flesh and making sure that everyone is having the best time possible (which, usually, means having as good a time as Charlie is). Being behind the bar at Sketch (or stuck doing office work) was cutting him off from that end of the business.

And despite a recent write-up in 303 that listed "Charlie Masters" as the owner of Sketch, he has no business interest in that joint, so is free to move on.

You can read more about Master's move when the new issue of Westword hits the streets (or the web). And in the meantime, click here to read Joel Warner's post on the latest gambit from 303 (nude women!) which is followed by truly hi-larious comments tearing up Warner for his alleged prudishness.

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