Cheba Hut gets ready to smoke

Cheba Hut, the pot-themed sub-shop chain, could open its first Denver location as early as Monday, August 10, says franchisee and store co-owner Matt Clark-Johnson, who's at the store at 1531 Champa Street making some final preparations this morning.

Although Clark-Johnson, who also owns a Cheba Hut in Boulder, had planned to open over the July 4 weekend, he had a few setbacks that made things take longer, including hurdles involved with remodeling Cheba's space in a historic building.

Another setback: Cheba won't have a liquor license as planned, at least not yet. The store will open, make some money and then apply for the permit, Clark-Johnson says.

A Cheba Hut in Greeley was recently turned down for a liquor license because a judge there objected to the Tempe, Arizona-based company's "counter-culture" theme. (The subs are "toasted," come in three sizes: four-inch Nugs, eight-inch Pinners and foot-long Blunts, and have names like Acapulco Gold, Panama Red and the White Widow.)

Clark-Johnson will have a patio, though, which could make Cheba Hut addictive.

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