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Q: I come to Denver for about a week each month, and I'm looking for other restaurants with the quality of food you find at the Beehive and Café Brazil. Something romantic with excellent service and value, at $15 to $20 per entree, preferably not in the suburbs and not in a hotel. Can you recommend some restaurants along these lines?

A: Oh, you want it all, don't you? Still, many local restaurants come close to filling all of your needs. For starters, I'd try Potager (1109 Ogden Avenue, 303-832-5788), Aubergine Cafe (225 East Seventh Avenue, 303-832-4778), Today's Gourmet/ Highland's Garden Cafe (3927 West 32nd Avenue, 303-458-5920), Carmine's on Penn (92 South Pennsylvania Street, 303-777-6443), Ilios (1201 Broadway, 303-623-3663), Radex (116 East Ninth Avenue, 303-861-7999) and Hugh's American Bistro (1469 South Pearl Street, 303-744-1940). When you've eaten at all of those places, write again.

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Kyle Wagner
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