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Q: My parents, who are Polish, have never been anywhere outside of Poland and New York, which is where they live now. They're coming to visit next month, and I want to take them somewhere unique to Denver. What would you recommend?

A: When in roaming distance of buffalo, do as the roaming-area residents do: eat buffalo at one of the Big Three. Those would be The Fort (19192 Highway 8, Morrison; 303-697-4771), which has the best view and the snazziest dining areas, housed in a replica of Bent's Old Fort; The Buckhorn Exchange (1000 Osage Street ; 303-534-9505), the most historic of the trio, with a bar where Buffalo Bill once drank and a collection of animal carcasses on the walls that rivals the carcasses on any New York subway; and the Denver Buffalo Company (1109 Lincoln; 303-832-0880), which is still revamping its menu to include some lively happy-hour appetizers but has plenty of buffalo at the ready. And when your parents simply can't eat any more big slabs of meat, take them to see the cliff divers at Casa Bonita (6715 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood; 303-232-5115). That'll teach 'em to leave the Old Country.

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