Check, Please!

Q: I want to take my boyfriend somewhere intimate and romantic for a celebration. We've already been to the Briarwood Inn and Flagstaff House, and we want that caliber of food in an elegant atmosphere. Any suggestions?

A: Nothing tops Tante Louise (4900 East Colfax Avenue, 303-355-4488) for fancy French fare in a stylish setting that just begs for l'amour. Highlands Garden Cafe (3927 West 32nd Avenue, 303-458-5920) is up there, too. Barolo Grill (3030 East 6th Avenue) can be romantic if you get that fireside table, and Mel's Bar and Grill (235 Fillmore Street, 303-333-3979) has some cozy little booths off to the side. But romance is also what ‹ and where ‹ you make it: One of my most amorous repasts was at the tiny, out-of-the-way two-top next to the bar at Papillon (250 Josephine Street, 303-333-7166).

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Kyle Wagner
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