Check, Please!

Q: I recently moved here from Canada, but I'm originally from Barbados. I'd like to know the locations of any West Indian food stores in the Denver area ‹ we really miss being able to buy Ting. Also, where are the good Caribbean restaurants?

A: Ting is to the islands what Coca-Cola is to the States, except that Ting is a caffeine-free, grapefruit-flavored concoction that has enough sugar in it to send an elephant into insulin shock for a week. Good stuff. You can find Ting ‹ a case will set you back $25, and you can also buy it by the can ‹ and many other Caribbean goodies at the cheery Caribbean Bakery (2934 East Colfax Avenue, 303-399-7993).

Unfortunately, Caribbean restaurants don't seem to last long in this climate. One upscale option is Rhumba (950 Pearl Street, Boulder, 303-442-7771), which serves killer conch fritters and well-crafted chutneys in a fun, noisy atmosphere that can reach hurricane force.

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Kyle Wagner
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