Check, Please!

Q: A friend of mine is getting married on Labor Day weekend, and he's having a very rough time finding a restaurant in the downtown area where he can hold a rehearsal dinner. Do you know of any hidden gems?

A: Athough it's hard to hide downtown these days, there are several possibilities he may not have considered. One is Mattie's House of Mirrors (1946 Market Street, 303-595-3700), which has an interesting, well-executed menu and a beautiful upstairs room that can handle a large group (and then there's all the fun guests can have with the building's original use ‹ as a brothel!). Just down the street, 1515 Market Grill (1515 Market Street, 303-571-0011) serves Asian-oriented fare in a funky, appealing space. Deeper into downtown, Zenith (815 17th Street, 303-293-2322) has a nice front room where the wedding party could dig into upscale Southwestern fare. And depending on how many people are involved, La Fondue (1040 15th Street, 303-534-0404) could prove a unique way to bond with the in-laws...over cook-it-yourself table stoves.

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Kyle Wagner
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