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Q: Are there any good Italian markets in town that sell groceries as well as sandwiches?

A: Italian we got. One of my favorites is Cosolo's Italian Market (8000 East Quincy Avenue, 303-290-8950), which not only stocks a great selection of imported Italian foods, deli meats and cheeses and homemade pasta, but also offers a Tuesday spaghetti special that includes enough fresh noodles, marinara sauce and bread to feed four ‹ for $4.50.

Other good choices include the Old-Fashioned Italian Deli (395 West Littleton Boulevard, Littleton, 303-794-1402), which features monster-sized sandwiches and pizza along with its imports, and Deli Italia (1990 South Wadsworth Boulevard, 303-238-7815), which usually has fresh mozzarella on hand. Spinelli's Market (4621 East 23rd Avenue, 303-329-8143) sells fresh produce in addition to vinegars, oils, sauces and cheeses.

Top honors for grocery selection, though, have to go to Vinnola's Market (7750 West 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, 303-421-3955), which seems to have all foods Italian, including freshly baked bread.

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Kyle Wagner
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