Chef Justin Brunson and crew have plans to open a second Masterpiece Deli in Uptown

For years, Justin Brunson, chef and co-founder of Masterpiece Deli and Old Major, has promised to open a second outpost of his smashing LoHi deli, arguably one of the best sandwich shops in Denver, and late this summer, at 1710 Sherman Street, in the Wells Fargo Center, he -- along with his partners in breadhead nirvana, Colin Forkin, Casey Taylor, Eric Clayman, Todd Grayson-Partner and Stephen Allee -- will do exactly that.

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Clayman, one of the founding partners of Udi's Granola and Gluten-Free Foods, will assist with business strategy and development for the Masterpiece brand, while Taylor, chef de cuisine at Masterpiece LoHi and a childhood friend of Brunson's, will be stepping into the role of director of operations for Masterpiece, focusing on openings and operations for all current and future locations, says Dana Plus Parks, publicist for Old Major and Masterpiece.

"We opened Masterpiece Deli LoHi in 2008, as we were looking to create a fine-dining-between-bread concept in Colorado," notes Brunson, also the co-founder of Denver Bacon Company. "Five years later" he adds, "the deli continues to produce some of the best sandwiches in town, and we knew that expanding the brand was the logical next step in the deli's evolution."

The new Masterpiece, which flaunts 2,609 square feet -- triple the amount of space at Masterpiece Deli LoHi -- will seat fifty inside and another forty on a sheltered, all-season heated patio. In addition, a gas kitchen with ovens and smokers will allow the shrine to sandwiches the ability to expand its housemade meats, including brisket, corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and pork shoulder. Masterpiece Deli Uptown will also offer -- and sell -- cured and smoked deli meats and products, plus a new pastry menu with cookies, pastries and bacon caramels from the Denver Bacon Company.

And that's not all: The Uptown location will feature corporate boxed lunches and delivery within a two-mile radius, as well as a large grab-and-go selection, plus beer, liquor and wine. Masterpiece Deli Uptown will initially be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch; plans for dinner and weekend brunch are on the horizon.

"We've come a long way since first making sandwiches at the Lancer Lounge," says Allee. "Masterpiece Deli Uptown is the next of many other delis we plan to open throughout Colorado within the next five years."

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