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Chefs Beau Simmons, Troy Guard and Matthew Franklin host a garden party tonight

Beau Simmons, the executive chef of Jonesy's EatBar, has spent a large part of the long, hot summer tending to his garden in Highland, a verdant plot that takes up the majority of the back yard of the home that belongs to Leigh Jones, the owner of Jonesy's.

Simmons, who's growing nearly sixty plants and herbs, has been hosting, along with Jones, garden parties throughout the summer, and tonight the two are hosting the second in a series of three -- and there are still seats available.

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Tonight's dinner, which starts at 6 p.m., features two guest chefs -- Troy Guard (TAG, TAG|RAW BAR and Madison Street) and Matthew Franklin (Farro) -- both of whom, says Simmons, are his mentors. "I started working for Matthew in 2000, and he spoiled me with the largest line that I've ever had the pleasure of working on, and over the course of nearly five years, he taught me the skills to be creative and passionate about food...and life," says Simmons.

"When I met Troy, I was shocked that he actually wanted me to work for him, but taking the skill that Matthew taught me, I continued to sharpen my skills by working as closely as I could to Troy, and those culinary experiences can never be measured. I've had the best opportunities because of his knowledge," Simmons adds.

The four-course dinner, which includes beef hearts with kimchi from Guard, a farro salad from Franklin and a sake-brined pork chop from "farmer" Simmons, also includes libations.

There are still a few seats available at $50 each. If you want to join the festivities, shoot Simmons an e-mail at [email protected], and he'll give you all the details -- and the address.

"This will be the first time I've been in the kitchen with both of them, and I'm so excited," says Simmons, noting, too, that it's his father's 25th anniversary tonight. "Troy, Matthew and I get to cook for my father and celebrate his commitment to his family. It's going to be an awesome night."

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